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Joseph Victor Bator
March 6, 1952
December 17, 2020
Our beloved, Joseph Victor Bator, passed away at home on the morning of December 17, 2020 in the loving presence and care of Norma, his wife, and his daughters Cailin and Anne, whom he loved dearly. Joseph was born on this day, March 6, in 1952 at St. Joseph's hospital in Toronto. He grew up on Haig Boulevard in Lakeview, Toronto Township and raised his family near Cawthra Bush. After retiring from his career with the Federal Government of Canada, he moved to the woods in Ashfield Township, Huron County, Ontario.

Joe died as he had lived, within a wide circle of love that offered the comfort, support, and affection to him, which he spent a lifetime bestowing on others. Joe said he learned such a way of being from his parents Anne Ignatowicz and Adolph Stan Bator: "who taught me to open my house, mind and resources to all... basically to love all."

As one of eight brothers, and a member of two very large and loving extended families, he was both the giver and receiver of joy, friendship, generosity, fun, and laughter, in the good times; as well as strength, encouragement, and compassion in the difficult times. He was loved and loving in his relationships: as a cherished brother and uncle to Ron and Ramri, Priya, Shanti; the late Paul and Maureen, Sean, Thomas and Adrienne, Timothy; Michael and Cathy; David, Gray, Noah; Kendra; Craig and Jen, Sofia, Olivia; Stephen and Lisa; Rick, Andrew, and Carl; and as a beloved son-in-law, brother-in-law, and uncle within Norma's family, the Bowlers. Joe honoured his family of aunts, uncles, and cousins, and valued the friendships among his many relations in the Sajecki, Kanoza, Sitarski, Grainger, and extended Ignatowicz and Bator families.

Joe was fortunate to have friends and colleagues who enriched his life and whom he appreciated greatly. He once wrote these words to a friend: "Friendship means, it is likely, to listen with intelligence and challenge when required, with a sensitivity to the really important questions about life, struggle, pain, the equality of treatment for individuals, children and families living in poverty, and the recognition of hypocrisy about these issues." Those of us who knew Joe will recognize him in these words.

Today on March 6, Joe's birthday, we express our gratitude to him. Thank you: for your unceasing wish for justice, peace, dignity, and freedom for all people everywhere; for your intelligence, your wisdom, for speaking truth to power, and for speaking love; for sharing every bit of abundance you experienced; for delighting in the natural world and holding it in reverence; for your true wit and enduring sense of humour; for bringing the singular gift of your whole presence to every person who was fortunate enough to cross your path, we are all better for it. Thank you above all for this, your kindness.

When we are able to do so, we will gather to express our sadness at being parted from Joseph, and celebrate our joy that he was in our lives. Each of you who knew, respected, and loved Joe had your own precious moments that passed between you. Please share these memories with us or convey condolences and if you wish to make a donation in honour of Joseph, please consider contributing to a social or environmental justice initiative or action of importance to you.
At home in the presence of his loving family
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A private family gathering took place at home and Joseph was buried on December 21, 2020 at St. Joseph's Cemetery, Kingsbridge 
St. Josephs Cemetery Kingsbridge
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